How It Works

Insights That Multiply Your Worth

Any company can learn its TEVO score and access varying levels of data through a dashboard-style interface. Armed with the TEVO score and the insights it helps provide, business owners gain greater control and the ability to prioritize business opportunities, enabling them to take action to benefit the business.

Once they have a strong understanding of the value of their company—and the language to discuss it--business owners gain confidence in business interactions and negotiations, strengthening their position and widening their options. Increased knowledge of their companies helps owners better evaluate options available to them, enabling them to focus on those with the highest return to the business, and freeing up time consumed by lower priorities.

Whether planning for an exit, securing a loan, seeking insurance or engaging in some other business transaction, the TEVO score helps business owners make the right decisions today in preparation for tomorrow.

TEVO Graph

The TEVO score tells you your strengths and weaknesses and what you need to do to get better. If you choose to sell, great. If not, you end up with a better company. For 21 years I thought that if I just worked harder, I’d be better than anyone. I never forecasted. Before, it was more instinct and gut. Now I have metrics and spreadsheets. Now I input data not only to refine the process, but also to forecast. Now I know exactly how to maximize my growth.

Frank Naliboff

CEO, Dickinson Cameron Construction


How Affiliates Can Help

Consulting partners can provide the TEVO score along with a range of services to meet the specific needs of business owners, giving them increasingly deeper levels of actionable information. Through this process, business owners gain insight into the factors that impact the multiple, or, the potential sale price of their company. These consulting services help owners understand why there is a gap between what they’re currently and potentially worth, and how to best move forward to narrow that gap.

Advisory services also help reduce risk and identify options for how to strengthen the business. By working with their advisor, business owners can spend time on the issues that most impact their business using measurable metrics and actionable insights.

Together, the TEVO score, detailed reports and advisory services provide the most relevant and actionable three-dimensional picture of a company’s value. Business owners learn:

  • Where they are: The company’s current multiple and performance across the five indicators
  • Where they could be: The potential multiple
  • How get there: Changes that need to be made in the business to increase performance and reduce risk across the five indicators

We help companies grow through teaching, training and implementing real world tools. TEVO makes it so much easier for our business owner clients and their teams to align around priorities that are based on building the score and not focused only on the dollars.

Peter Sieffert

Partner, Swiss Avenue Partners